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100 Years of Coverage | MC M.C.



Motorcyclist turns 100 this year, and as part of our ongoing celebration we erected a special booth at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo. The Lloyd Brothers Ducati AMA flat-tracker, a 1956 Harley-Davidson KRTT and a 1930 Indian Scout were on display, as well as our “A Century of Motorcycling” exhibit that’s been travelling with the International Motorcycle Show. With more than 1200 issues printed we’ve got lots of interesting covers, and we chose a few to turn into posters to give away. If you didn’t get one, don’t fret: We’ll be including some cool posters in a future issue.

1936 motorcyclist magazine cover 227x300 photo1939 motorcyclist magazine cover 224x300 photo1948 motorcyclist magazine cover 225x300 photo1956 motorcyclist magazine cover 234x300 photo

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