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2013 BMW R1200GS Pricing Announced

Diagram not included.


BMW R 1200 GS

At long last, pricing has been announced for the new R1200GS from BMW. Unlike the new water-cooled boxer engine, however, the pricing didn’t come with a diagram to explain it. And it probably should have.

Here’s what you’ll want to know. The base model shipped to U.S. BMW dealers this spring will be equipped with heated grips, saddlebag mounts, and cruise control and will have an MSRP of $16,600. (There is technically a model available without the grips, mounts, and cruise, but you’ll have to order it special, and while you wait for it to be delivered you will undoubtedly curse the $800 you saved.) All GS versions come with ABS as well as an aluminum engine guard, centerstand, trip computer, adjustable seats, and new stepless adjustable windshield.

A middle option comes in the form of the Premium Package, which includes the options above as well as the full on-board computer to control the new Dynamic ESA (suspension) system, ride modes, and Enduro ASC. The Premium Package also tacks on bark busters, chrome exhaust, and preps the bike for a GPS unit, while bringing the price up to $17,990.

The version of the new flagship GS that is likely to be most popular will be the one with the full kit and caboodle—known as the Premium Plus Package. In addition to the options included on the Standard and Premium packs, the Plus will come with the new full-LED headlight and Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) systems. The new-fangled headlamp and TPM system nudge the price up to $18,870, but keep in mind that’s less than $1K over the middle-of-the-road Premium Package, which every GS rider will want to have (no sense in having a water-cooled GS without Dynamic ESA).

As with previous GS models, additional options—including full hard luggage, soft tank bags, a passel of different seats, spoke wheels, and auxiliary lights—will be available to tack on to the set BMW factory packages.

BMW’s older R1200GS Adventure continues in the lineup through 2013, starting at $18,350.

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