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Blog Posts by: Aaron Frank  

  1. Custom sportbike builder turns to baggers

    Who says the cruiser market is (literally) dying off? Our friend Robert Fisher at Florida’s Roaring Toyz, the nation’s leading outfitter of custom sportbikes, just sent news that he’s opening a new division called Roaring Twinz to concentrate on the V-twin aftermarket.Fisher tells us his business has been in decline ...    Read more

  2. Motus, America’s newest motorcycle maker, debuts its MST-01

    Pratt & Miller is an engineering powerhouse. Best known for its work with General Motors--the firm developed the LeMans-winning Corvette C5-R and C6.Rs, the SCCA champion Cadillac CTS-V, and so many more--the company also consults with, among others, the US Military, developing everything from “unmanned tactical wheeled vehicles” to ballistic ...    Read more

  3. Bill Warner makes a mind-bending 272 mph standing-mile pass at Maxton!

    Last weekend's season opener at North Carolina's Maxton Monster Mile, home of the East Coast Timing Association's land-speed trials was history making. Bill Warner rode his turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa to an outrageous 272.34073 mph top speed, shattering the previous record by more than 12 mph. Our friend Don Smith was ...    Read more

  4. Yes, says The Corporate Library

    Harley-Davidson made the news earlier this week at, in an inauspicious article titled "5 of the Worst Corporate Boards." Watchdogs at The Corporate Library, an independent firm specializing in corporate governance, call out five of the most problematic corporate boards in America. Harley-Davidson makes this list alongside Freeport McMoRan, ...    Read more

  5. Habitat, the Movie

    Wisconsin Sportriders (WiSpr), a group that I'm lucky enough to ride with on occasion, has released a film documenting their last year of street riding. WiSpr is not your average crew of Sunday morning social riders (though they seldom pass a good all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet...). A close-knit, semi-exclusive group of ...    Read more

  6. Don Brown, 1929-2010

    Don Brown was the most influential person in the motorcycle industry that you never heard of. Brown was a public persona in the fifties, when he served a stint as Editor of Cycle magazine, penned the popular book How to Ride and Win and hosted his own motorcycle-oriented radio show ...    Read more

  7. Dedicated fans continue the Buell Homecoming tradition

    Despite the dissolution of Buell motorcycles, the popular Buell Homecoming gathering will continue in 2010 thanks to the dedicated efforts of core Buell enthusiasts.Slated for June 16-20th at Alpine Valley Resort in East Troy, Wisconsin—the home of the former Buell Motorcycles—the event will offer Buell owners and fans of the ...    Read more

  8. Honda CBX V12 Video

    Our buddy Justin Fivella over at Super Streetbike magazine turned us on to this radical V12 Honda CBX built by Andreas Georgeades, an ex-pat South African currently residing in Southern California. Consisting of two six-cylinder CBX blocks mated Siamese-style to a single, custom-fabricated crankcase, Georgeades’ monster motor is mounted in ...    Read more

  9. Scorpion Helmets protects USA Olympic Bobsledder Erin Pac

    Watch closely when the Team USA female bobsledders hit the ice on February 24th and motorcyclists will note a familiar, S-shaped logo peeking up from above the windscreen on Erin Pac's sled. Pac, ranked sixth overall in the 2009-2010 World Cup, competes wearing a custom-painted Scorpion EXO-400 motorcycle helmet for ...    Read more

  10. MSF and Caltrans cooperate to improve motorcycle safety

    Special thanks to two eagle-eyed, camera-toting readers, Patrick Duffy and Steven Weyrick, for capturing these images of a special motorcycle awareness message appearing recently on the digital signs that line California’s freeway system. “SHARE THE ROAD—LOOK TWICE FOR MOTORCYCLISTS”, the signs read, reminding the cage-bound commuters ...    Read more

  11. Harley-Davidson’s Helmet Project

    In addition to the main gallery and a restaurant/retail wing, the 130,000 square-foot Harley-Davidson Museum complex in downtown Milwaukee also includes a third structure dubbed “The Garage.” This is where Harley-Davidson houses the majority of its archival collection, consisting of hundreds of bikes and associated materials not currently on display ...    Read more

  12. Scenes from the Buell Motorcycle Factory Liquidation Sale

    The first sign appears a few miles away, stuck into the frozen grass alongside I-43. “Motorcycle Liquidation” it reads, black letters on a yellow background, with an arrow pointing right. I exit at East Troy and head north toward Buell Drive, and the soon-to-be-vacant Buell Motorcycle factory. ...    Read more

  13. Let the film legend’s image rest in peace!

    To use a phrase inspired by another motorcycle-riding hipster, Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, Steve McQueen has officially jumped the shark. Still a style icon almost 30 years after his death, McQueen’s image has been pressed into service recently to market everything from pimped-out Mustangs to MILF-made folk rock to $380 sunglasses. ...    Read more

  14. Honda greens up its Kumamoto motorcycle manufacturing facility

    “The Factory at the foot of Mount Aso, where humans and nature are as one.” That’s how Honda literature describes the Kumamoto factory, the largest motorcycle manufacturing facility in the world. By any measure, Kumamoto is impressive. Covering almost 1.7-million square meters, the Kumamoto plant blankets as much area as ...    Read more

  15. That’s more like it—166 mph on electricity!

    Before we left the salt flats on Friday we pulled the fairing and tail off the Lightning prototype. I was having high-speed stability issues we thought might have been related to aerodynamics. Removing the bodywork and running naked removed the aero variable, and would tell is if the changes we ...    Read more

  16. Let’s get naked!

    OK, so the Ducati fairing/whale tail combo isn't working as well as we hoped. Time to try something completely different:Now, if the car guys can quit spinning out and causing huge delays (you have no idea how long it takes to clean up windshield bits, when they're spread across a ...    Read more

  17. A salt virgin no more…

    It's difficult to describe the how bizarre it feels speeding along the Bonneville Salt Flats. The flat, utterly featureless landscape, the imperceptible horizon, and the blinding monochrome sameness deaden all of your senses, making 150 mph feel as serene as a negotiating a school zone. This ...    Read more

  18. Cleared for Takeoff.

    Talk about cutting it close: technical inspection closed at 5 pm today, and the lead scrutineer signed off on our last bit of wayward safety wire at 4:58 pm. We have our blessed tech approval sticker in-hand and are now cleared for takeoff. Instead of ...    Read more

  19. Motorcyclist attempts to break the outright electric motorcycle speed record!

    I’m in Salt Lake City tonight, working my way slowly toward the town of Wendover, on the Nevada/Utah border. Home to Wendover Air Force Base, where the B-29 Superfortress the Enola Gay was housed during World War II, Wendover is also the nearest civilized outpost to the legendary Bonneville Salt ...    Read more

  20. Chasing a speed record on a 60-year-old Vincent single

    Maxton is a sleepy nowheresville in a dry county along the North and South Carolina border, on a broad coastal plain that stretches to the Atlantic ocean 60 miles away. It’s an unremarkable place, except for an abandoned, World War II-era airstrip secluded in a stand of pines just outside ...    Read more

  21. Falling flat on my back at the Indy flat-track

    The look on the mechanic’s face in the first picture says it all: “If anything goes wrong out there, you better pray to God you don’t survive the crash.” In fact, he had just said so in not as many words. So did A&A Racing’s Ray Abrams, and pretty much ...    Read more

  22. Ride Putnam Park with us after the Indy GP!

    You’ve heard of the “dog days” of summer—those hot, sultry August afternoons when Sirius, the Dog Star, hovers close to the sun. We’re looking forward to our own variation, called the “Duc days.” The weather won’t be the only thing hot and sultry. Those adjectives will describe the lust-inducing Italian ...    Read more

  23. We’re riding Roberts’ diabolical TZ750 flat tracker at the Indy Mile!

    It’s the bike that inspired Kenny Roberts, one of the most fearless motorcycle racers that ever lived, to utter these immortal words: “They don’t pay me enough to ride that thing!” Desperate to compete with the dominant Harley-Davidson XR750s in the 1975 AMA Grand National championship, tuner Kel Carruthers shoe-horned ...    Read more

  24. Buell’s Blast discontinued in dramatic fashion

    Our September 2009 issue included a short piece lamenting Buell’s entry-level Blast, and its general failure to convert the non-riding public into Buell-blooded bikers. It turns out we weren't the only ones questioning the littlest Buell’s relevance. When Buell revealed its 2010 lineup just days later, it announced the beleaguered ...    Read more

  25. Results of the first-ever green GP

    The world’s first zero-emissions road race, the TTXGP, started with a whirr at this year’s Isle of Man TT. “That sounds like a VCR rewinding,” another journalist next to me stated, as the first electric superbike spirited away from the Glencrutchery Road start line and set out on first historic ...    Read more

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