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Blog Posts by: Annette Carrion  

  1. Paris Hilton starts her own MotoGP team

    Photo: Monica Almeida/The New York TimesThe Paris Hilton we know promotes perfume while toting handbags containing pocket-sized Chihuahuas, so it comes as a surprise that she is starting her own MotoGP team.According to The New York Times, the pink-loving socialite will be part owner of “SuperMartxé VIP by ...    Read more

  2. Feeling “A Little Rush” While Riding my Ninja 250

    A friend told me about a guy who was looking for a female rider. The gig called for a stunt woman for a music video he was filming. Well, I'm no stunt woman, but I do ride a motorcycle. Turns out, there weren't really any stunts involved, but I did ...    Read more

  3. Cafe Desmo 2010

    Cafe Desmo, the fifth annual Italian bike show, was a success!The event was put together by Bill Nation and his staff at Pro Italia Motors in Glendale, California. Italian bike aficionados participated in a ride up the Angeles Crest Highway to Newcomb's Ranch, where they rocked out to a concert ...    Read more