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Blog Posts by: Ari Henning  

  1. Motorcyclist At The 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R Press Launch

    Its been 3 years since the ZX-10 underwent any changes, but that doesn't mean the gearheads at Kawasaki have been on vacation. They've been hard at work redesigning the entire bike - from the engine, frame and bodywork to the wheels, electronics and suspension - in order to elevate their ...    Read more

  2. Part XIII: Meditation Time Is Over

    It’s been quite a while since the Mechanical Meditations blog has been updated, because instead of wrenching on and writing about the MB5, I’ve been riding it! The bike has been tuned and registered (temporarily, anyway) and has carried me to work in shrieking style a dozen times in the ...    Read more

  3. Riding the Contidrom

    The image above has not been modified in photoshop! Daytona has nothing on the Contidrom. Continental's Jeverson, Germany testing center has a 3 Kilometer oval with mind-bendingly steep 58-degree banked turns. Motorcyclist is in Germany to test Continental's new Street Attack 2 tires, which you'll be able to read about ...    Read more

  4. Part XII: Head Work

    Sudco has a sack of main jets waiting for me at their Commerce office, but I won’t have the time to swing by until later in the week. With nothing on the agenda yesterday afternoon and a burning desire to work on something, I decided to pull the engine (a ...    Read more

  5. Part XI: Blue Smoke!

    Saturday morning I sprang out of bed and was at the workbench by 8:00 am. The frame was back from the Doctor’s and the only thing keeping me from starting the MB5 for the first time was assembling the thing! I forwent my normal morning mountain bike excursion and dove ...    Read more

  6. Part X: A Trip to the Doctor’s Office

    Viewed from the street, John “the Frame Doctor” Fromberg’s shop just looks like another crowded mechanic’s bay in a busy industrial park. But walk past the racks of metal stock and rows of dusty bike frames into the back room and you’ll see this is no ordinary chop ...    Read more

  7. Part IX: Back On Track

    In my last update the MB5’s fate was uncertain. I’d discovered that the frame, swingarm, and both wheels were bent. Well I’m pleased to say that things have taken a wonderful turn. Immediately after realizing my stuff was tweaked I turned to that inexhaustible online resource – Craigslist. The planets ...    Read more

  8. An inside look at Galfer’s custom brake line operations

    Motorcyclist recently had the opportunity to stop in at Galfer’s U.S. headquarters in Oxnard, California to learn about their custom brake line service and take an impromptu tour of the facility. Galfer has been in the brake business for over 60 years, and in that time they’ve established themselves as ...    Read more

  9. Part VIII: Paging Pauline A. Jackson

    At some point in the last three decades, the MB5 must have been crashed. Hard. As it turns out, both Comstar wheels and the beautiful powder-coated X-frame are badly bent. The frame and fork have been perched on the center stand in my living room for several weeks now, and ...    Read more

  10. Part VII: Like a Big Puzzle

    The contents in the various boxes and crates are steadily dwindling. When I started this project 3 months ago the shoebox-sized plastic bin I use for random fasteners weighed about 10 pounds and was fist-deep. Now the tub weighs less than a pound and the layer of hardware is shallow ...    Read more

  11. Sealing the deal

    A few posts back I had Rusteco purge the MB5’s fuel tank of 28 years worth of rust. The procedure was a success, but removing all that iron oxide left quite a few pinholes, and that bare metal is awfully susceptible to corrosive coastal air. Brazing the holes would only ...    Read more

  12. Part V

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted; the MB5 project was put on the back burner while I flew to my hometown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to marry my girlfriend of 9 years. Now I’m back in LA, and with the sun just rising in the sky, the wife still ...    Read more

  13. Part IV: Into the engine

    I can only imagine what my neighbors thought of the persistent metallic tapping coming from my apartment well after the dinner hour last night. When darkness interrupted my efforts to separate the MB5’s case halves, I moved the project indoors. Piece by piece my makeshift shop was reconstructed in the ...    Read more

  14. A Minor Miracle

    My dad taught me that you can clean up a rusty tank with a handful of nuts and bolts and some serious shaking. That rudimentary remedy has worked on countless tanks, but the MB’s reservoir is rustier than anything I’ve encountered before. In my last update I’d noted the tank’s ...    Read more

  15. Reviving a Honda MB5: Part II

    The tranquilizing effect of this project is a godsend. While I run near redline most of my waking hours, when I’m wrenching I am able to roll back the throttle and idle for a while. The din of Santa Monica Boulevard traffic fades from my awareness as I chase damaged ...    Read more

  16. Reviving a Honda MB5

    Not too long ago I had a habit of keeping a project on the backburner, some ongoing mechanical venture ready to collaborate with a cold Dos Equis to placate my mind after a hectic day at work. Sometime between now and 2008 I strayed from that therapeutic practice. Maybe it’s ...    Read more

  17. Protect your ears, before it’s too late.

    Noise-induced hearing loss is a big issue for motorcyclists. The interior of a helmet can be an audibly offensive place: engine noise, road noise, and the sound of rushing wind combine to create a din that routinely exceeds 80 decibels, a level that experts consider “very loud” and potentially damaging. ...    Read more

  18. Zero Gravity windscreen

    Motorcyclist goes behind the scenes at Zero Gravity's Camarillo, CA facility. Motorcyclist recently received an invitation to tour Zero Gravity’s headquarters in Camarillo, California. Zero Gravity has been in the windscreen business for over 20 years, and in that time they’ve become the world’s largest and most respected windscreen brand. ...    Read more