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Blog Posts by: Automotive Staff  

  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    I rode a scooter home last night. Emphasis on night, as in dark, as in nobody saw me. You can't prove it. That wasn't me. This kind of thing can put a serious crimp in your credibility.I didn't really mean to. But like other questionable pursuits carried out under cover ...    Read more


    The most beautiful young women this side of a Paris catwalkPhotos: Aaron FrankWhen it comes to new motorcycles, it's not hard to attract our attention. Hell, we'd queue up next to a dumpster behind the local Burger King to get our first hard look at Aprilia's RSV4, or road trip ...    Read more

  3. BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part V

    So what about the numerous model codes that we have also become acquainted with over the years, such as R, RS, S, CS, C, CL, GS, RT, RS, GT and LT? The first time that ‘R’ was communicated was with the R 100 R of 1991. It means ‘Roadster’ ...    Read more

  4. BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part IV

    The decision of BMW to produce motorcycles with in-line engines saw the bikes in these model series receive a totally separate designation.The development designation ‘K’ was adopted as a series badge. As with the boxer models, the ‘K’ was followed by a number derived from the displacement of the in-line ...    Read more

  5. BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part III

    BMW took the new instructions as the signal to introduce a new internal naming system.As the numbers 100 to 199 had already been assigned to aero engines, motorcycles were given the range from 200 to 299 and cars the 300-to-399 band. The existing motorcycle models were integrated into the new ...    Read more

  6. BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part II

    BMW acted to simplify the system in the mid-1920s. The references to the number of cylinders and model series were abandoned. Now the only entry in front of the project number was to denote an engine (‘M’ = Motor), transmission (‘G’ = Getriebe), a frame for motorcycles (‘R’ = Rahmen) ...    Read more

  7. BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part I

    Ever wondered how BMW motorcycles get their names? The history of the nomenclature for aero engines, motorcycles and cars is marked on the one hand by enduring lines, and on the other by surprising twists and turns. As the company started out building aero engines, it was ancient history that ...    Read more

  8. McQueen Kawasaki goes on Auction

    International auction house Bonhams & Butterfields will be offering for sale motorcycles previously owned by screen legends Clark Gable and Steve McQueen (pictured) at next month's auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Gable's 1934 Harley-Davidson RL and McQueen's 1970 Kawasaki G31 - hand painted by Von ...    Read more

  9. New BMW Zumo Navigator Is Smaller, Feature-Rich

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ -- September, 2007 -- Ever since the introduction of BMW's original Motorrad Navigator several years ago, sales of maps to BMW riders have fallen dramatically.Subsequent generations of Navigator II, Navigator II Plus and Navigator III GPS systems further revolutionized long distance route finding for riders with their ...    Read more

  10. Motorcyclists Get Bluetooth Courtesy Of Land Down Under

    New York, NY, March 27, 2007 – Motorcyclists can now enjoy the freedom of handsfree mobile communication following the release of the BlueAnt Wireless Interphone Handsfree and Intercom.To be launched as part of BlueAnt’s latest product line up at this week’s CTIA Wireless 2007 Event in Orlando, the Interphone will ...    Read more