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Experience the world’s largest Motorcycle Show



122 1201 01 o progressive international motorcycle shows logo 300x82 photoThe Progressive International Motorcycle Show is your #1 place to see get the latest Motorcycle news, products, and custom bikes. Already the largest motorcycle show around, this year’s New York event is going to be bigger than 2011. More bikes, more products, and more learning opportunities.

122 1201 01 o 2011 progressive international motorcycle show 150x150 photoThe New York Motorcycle Show is open to everyone, and is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the what’s happening for the future of motorcycles. Bring your riding group, and bring your family because there’s something for every type of rider and enthusiast. Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, all auto enthusiasts will find something to enjoy at the show.

122 1201 01 o 2011 progressive international motorcycle show lobby 150x150 photoThere are several show features for you to enjoy, such as the Dream Pavilion, Smage Bros Stunt Show, Ultimate Builder Custom Bike show with a $90k prize, and Kawasaki Design-a-Bike. The Marketplace is a showcase where you’ll find the latest aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike, and the main exhibit floor features what’s new with your favorite motorcycle manufacturers.

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