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Joe Gresh | Stalker Alert!


Stalker Alert

There are reasons why Joe Gresh has never met any of the Motorcyclist staff in person (that pesky restraining order is just one of them), most having to do with the fact that he lives in BF Florida, a.k.a. Key West, just a hop, skip and a puddle-jump from communist Cuba. In the last month alone, however, the shinless one met not one, but two of our staffers. First was former Editor-in-Chief Mitch Boehm (left), who was playing Grand Marshal for the Riding into History vintage motorcycle show at World Golf Village in St. Augustine. And second was current Editor-at-Large Aaron Frank (right), whom Joe met while attending a Harley-Davidson event in Aaron’s hometown of Milwaukee. Both put on brave faces as they stooped to pose for photos.

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  1. Leonard Maisch
    Posted on: August 30, 2012 7:43 am

    Great article by Joe Gresh on the Yamaha Rt 1 in the Octobe issue. They would kick back and break the starter gears.
    However a friend owned an Export model he bought in Guam, that never kicked back, and did not have a comp release.