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  1. Tubeless Spoke Wheels | Answers

    ...    Read more

  2. Should You Avoid A High-Mileage Bike? | Retail Confidential

    Words: Jeff Maddox How many miles does it have? That is the one question I get more than any other when a customer comes shopping for a used bike. The answer is the result of many factors, including geographic location, the type of motorcycle, and the age of the bike. Despite all the variables, what I ...    Read more

  3. Oh, You Want It Now? | Retail Confidential

    WORDS: Jeff Maddox The goal of any dealer is to get you on the bike you want. You know exactly what you came in for, you’re ready to pull the trigger, and you don’t want to wait. But the bike is not in stock. Now what do you do? First, ask your dealer to ...    Read more

  4. Moose Racing Easy Pour Spout | MC Tested

    A certain coworker of mine (Ari) doled out more than his fair share of criticism for this product when it ran in our Gear section a few months ago. “It won’t work well” and “It’s impossible to clean” were among his critiques, so when time came to change the oil ...    Read more

  5. Launch Pads | MC Garage

    New brake pads need to be broken in properly if they’re going to deliver all the performance you paid for. It’s not enough to jam them into the caliper, button everything up, and head out for a long ride expecting your bike to have brick-wall stopping power. If you think ...    Read more

  6. Recognizing a Good Deal | RETAIL CONFIDENTIAL

    WORDS: Jeff Maddox In this business of selling motorcycles, dealers often offer promotions to entice buyers. While some promotions come directly from the actual OEMs in the form of rebates and attractive interest rates, local dealerships will sometimes offer their own specials. In some cases, these offers can be combined to make a deal seemingly too good ...    Read more

  7. Stop Tech | MC GARAGE

    Photo: Milagro As good as they are, stock brakes can often be better. And considering their life-saving responsibilities, there’s no shame in wanting the best. When your pads wear out and you replace both of them and the brake fluid—which you should do unless your bike’s service manual specifies replacing the ...    Read more

  8. Antenna Tread | Answers

    Q: I have Bridgestone BT023 tires on my bike. Recently, I discovered something that worries me. I was adjusting the chain when I noticed a thin line around the circumference of the rear tire, right in the middle of the tread. The line was a little bit darker than the ...    Read more

  9. Bikemaster Snap-Ring Plier Set | MC Tested

    Having the right tool for the job is an important piece of workshop advice. Snap-ring pliers are a prime example. There are alternative means of getting a circlip off a shaft or out of a bore (I’m looking at you, screwdriver drawer), but it will likely lead to frustration—not to ...    Read more

  10. 2000-2007 Honda Shadow Sabre | Smart Money

    Most riders look for the same thing in a potential cruiser buy: a big V-twin, a kicked-out fork, and a kick-ass look. The VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre has all of that and more, with punchy acceleration, maintenance-free hydraulic valve adjusters, and a massive front wheel. It was in Honda’s Shadow lineup ...    Read more

  11. What About Test Rides? | MC Garage

    WORDS:  Jeff Maddox PHOTOS: Trudy Quelch & Marc Cook Reader Joe Ryan writes: ...    Read more