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Retail Confidential

  1. Should You Avoid A High-Mileage Bike? | Retail Confidential

    Words: Jeff Maddox How many miles does it have? That is the one question I get more than any other when a customer comes shopping for a used bike. The answer is the result of many factors, including geographic location, the type of motorcycle, and the age of the bike. Despite all the variables, what I ...    Read more

  2. Oh, You Want It Now? | Retail Confidential

    WORDS: Jeff Maddox The goal of any dealer is to get you on the bike you want. You know exactly what you came in for, you’re ready to pull the trigger, and you don’t want to wait. But the bike is not in stock. Now what do you do? First, ask your dealer to ...    Read more

  3. Recognizing a Good Deal | RETAIL CONFIDENTIAL

    WORDS: Jeff Maddox In this business of selling motorcycles, dealers often offer promotions to entice buyers. While some promotions come directly from the actual OEMs in the form of rebates and attractive interest rates, local dealerships will sometimes offer their own specials. In some cases, these offers can be combined to make a deal seemingly too good ...    Read more