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BMW Motorcycles began in 1923 with the first BMW Bike called the R 32. Since then, BMW has continue to build, innovate, and improve on their motorcycles propelling them into one of the leaders in world of motorcycles. Motorcyclist Magazine covers BMW motorcycles with the latest reviews, news, and updates from our BMW experts

  1. Down & Dirty OUTTAKES

    Our Down & Dirty torture test of four big ADV bikes in the August 2014 Motorcyclist (click HERE for Down & Dirty) gave you 10 pages of gritty ride reviews, hard test data, specs, off-the-record commentary and a careful selection of the best photos from the shoot. In order to ...    Read more

  2. Precautionary Notice To Owners of BMW R 1200 RT

    As of June 5, BMW Motorrad is notifying all owners of the current R 1200 RT, model year 2014, fitted with the Dynamic ESA option that there is a potential defect in the rear spring strut. At the present time it cannot be ruled out that the ...    Read more

  3. 5 Questions With BMW Project Leader Roland Stocker

    »  Did you ever wonder how a new model like BMW’s R nineT makes it from concept to production model? Project Leader Roland Stocker shares some insight into the process of creating the R nineT. Motorcyclist : This bike looks like a quick repackaging of the old Oilhead boxer engine in a ...    Read more

  4. BMW Recalls 2013 R1200GS Motorcycles

    Report filed with the NHTSA: Report Receipt Date: APR 18, 2014 NHTSA Campaign Number: 14V211000 Component(s): POWER TRAIN Potential Number of Units Affected: 1,420 SUMMARY: BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2013 R 1200 GS motorcycles manufactured November 2012 through August 2013. Pressure inside the transmission may cause the transmission output seal to be pushed ...    Read more

  5. Motorcyclist Magazine & Edelweiss Bike Travel Announce New European Roadster Adventure

    Ever wish you could live the glamorous rock star life of a Motorcyclist magazine editor? Would you sell an internal organ to get an in-depth tour of a famous motorcycle factory and see how motorcycles are built?  We have the perfect solution! Motorcyclist magazine and Edelweiss Bike ...    Read more

  6. BMW’s Gelände/Straße

    Photos: BMW Motorrad Success was anything but guaranteed when BMW launched its first mega-enduro, the R80G/S, to the global press in Avignon, France, on September 1, 1980. Assembled journalists greeted the ungainly machine with open skepticism. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before—essentially a touring bike ...    Read more

  7. SPIED: BMW S1000 ADV

    PHOTO: BMH Images BMW already rules the adventure-touring category with its iconic R1200GS, but for the ever-growing contingent of ADV buyers who never venture beyond paved roads, the ultra-rugged, boxer-powered GS gives up some ground to more street-biased, superbike-influenced competition like Ducati’s Multistrada and Aprilia’s all-new Caponord. Not for much longer, ...    Read more

  8. BMW Recalling Certain 2013 Models For Possible Side-Stand Switch Malfunction

    Report filed with NHTSA Report receipt date: February 19, 2014 NHTSA campaign number: 14V065000 Component(s): Electrical System, Structure Manufacturer: BMW of North America, LLC SUMMARY: BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2013 C 600 Sport, C 650 GT, F 700 GS, F 800 GS, F 800 GS Adventure, F 800 ...    Read more

  9. 2014 Pricing Announced By BMW

    BMW has put some some mighty enticing new machines out for 2014 along with returning favorites that have been revamped with substantial updates. If you’ve been crunching numbers trying to see if you’ll be able to squeeze a new Beemer into the budget this year, there’s one part of the ...    Read more

  10. 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure | FIRST LOOK

    From the Shocking News Flash Desk come the following alerts: Fire Is Hot, Water Is Wet, BMW To Offer Adventure Version of New R1200GS as a 2014 model. While the sheer inevitability of an updated Adventure model was pretty much a done deal from the moment the WasserBoxer was announced, the ...    Read more

  11. AltRider Outfits the 2013 BMW R1200GS

    In the aftermarket, standing still is the same thing as falling behind. That’s why AltRider didn’t waste any time coming out with a line of accessories for the new liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS, including crash bars, a skid plate, a sidestand foot, a radiator guard, and a luggage rack. ...    Read more

  12. BMW Leaving World Superbike After 2013 Season

    If you’ve had your heart set on a particular piece of BMW World Superbike swag, you’d better get out your credit card fast. BMW Motorrad says it’s ending factory involvement in the World Superbike Championship at the end of the 2013 season. It’s unclear whether BMW will continue to support ...    Read more

  13. BMW Offers Armrests for K1600GTL

    When you think of BMW, odds are you think of adventure––riding around the world, eating strange food, and getting bitten by exotic fauna. But lately, along with the graying of American motorcyclists, the term “adventure” is broadening to encompass spa weekends and wine tours, often two-up. Recognizing that in this scenario ...    Read more

  14. BMW HP4 In The House

    For a couple of weeks now I’ve seen one of BMW’s new HP4 superbikes parked in the Motorcyclist parking lot. It’s striking, it’s beautiful, and it looks like it means business. The HP4 is currently the responsibility of Sport Rider’s Kent Kunitsugu, who informed me that the bike is actually privately owned. Only a ...    Read more

  15. 2013 BMW R1200GS Pricing Announced

    At long last, pricing has been announced for the new R1200GS from BMW. Unlike the new water-cooled boxer engine, however, the pricing didn’t come with a diagram to explain it. And it probably should have. Here’s what you’ll want to know. The base model shipped to U.S. BMW dealers this spring ...    Read more

  16. BMW Sells Husqvarna To KTM CEO

    BMW Motorrad, which says it wants to concentrate on urban mobility and electric vehicles, has sold Husqvarna Motorcycles to KTM CEO Stefan Pierer’s holding company. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. BMW’s decision to focus its future efforts only on road-going vehicles resulted from what Manfred Grunert, ...    Read more

  17. BMW Brings $480,000 At Bonham’s Auction

    If you think it’s hard to talk a salesman down on the price of a motorcycle you want, try competing with a room full of people who are willing to pay more than you are for the same bike. That’s what you’d have been up against on January 10 at ...    Read more

  18. BMW Sets Sales Records In 2012

    Even though the term “economic growth” was an oxymoron for most people last year, the folks at BMW are feeling pretty good about 2012. That’s because the Motorrad set new sales records, delivering 106,358 motorcycles and maxi-scooters worldwide, a 2 percent increase over 2011. Additionally, in December 2012 BMW delivered ...    Read more

  19. How Good Can The New 2013 BMW R1200GS Be?

    The new 2013 BMW R1200GS is coming. Nothing can stop that now, not even the thousands of bleeding hearts of current GS owners who think it’s fine the way it is. All we can do now is try to prepare. Here at MC, we decided the best way to prepare ...    Read more

  20. Encouraging Signs at the Long Beach IMS

    PHOTOS: Andrea Wilson, Ari Henning Just as nature slowly restores itself after a cataclysmic event, our little corner of the motorsports landscape has green shoots inching up through the dark forest floor. Haven’t seen them? I have, most recently at the International Motorcycle Show that just rolled through Long Beach, CA. ...    Read more

  21. Preview 2013: The International Motorcycle Show Comes to Our Hood

    KTM's booth from the EICMA show last month in Milan. Photo by Michael Lichter. Wherever you live, odds are that some time between early November and late February you’ll hear about or see advertising for the International Motorcycle Show. IMS shows are held across the U.S., offering ...    Read more

  22. BMW 90th Anniversary Model Announced

    Perhaps slightly jealous of Harley-Davidson’s habit of cranking out “anniversary” models at the drop of a beanie helmet, BMW has declared its intention to produce a new anniversary model of its own. Speaking at the EICMA international motorcycle show in Milan, BMW Motorrad President Stephan Schaller said his company will ...    Read more

  23. Is BMW’s Lo Rider Concept Entering Production? | BMW’S Next Naked

    WORDS: Ben Purvis PHOTO: BMW Despite a tremendous, 90-year-history to crib from, the present-day BMW doesn’t typically do retro. Spy shots of the German manufacturer’s forthcoming naked bike, however, suggest a pleasing old-school look with a large, round headlight and a bulbous fuel tank reminiscent of a 1970s superbike. This appears to ...    Read more

  24. 2013 BMW S1000RR HP4 | First Look

    PHOTOS: BMW Motorrad BMW’s awesome S1000RR, the overall winner of our “Class of 2012” superbike comparison and our choice for Sportbike of the Year, wasn’t exactly lacking performance. That didn’t stop the German manufacturer from developing this limited-production, HP4 edition that delivers even more high-speed potency. The HP4 uses the same ...    Read more

  25. 2013 BMW F700GS and F800GS | FIRST LOOK

    The dual-sport category has changed quite a bit since Yamaha made the go-anywhere genre popular in the late 60s. BMW’s latest dual-sport offerings, the F700GS and the F800GS, are relatively capable in the dirt but still much more street-oriented than the Yamaha ATs, CTs, and DTs of yesteryear. (Or the ...    Read more

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