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  1. Los Angeles Police Stealth Patrol

    Zero Motorcycles announced recently that the Los Angeles Police Department purchased the new Zero MMX police/military motorcycle to add to the department’s patrol fleet. Powered by the 100% electric Z-Force motor, the Zero MMX was developed to meet the specific requirements of military, law enforcement and security ...    Read more

  2. 2013 Zero S Streetfighter | Staff Impressions

    There's no question that the electric motorcycle will be part of our future. But it's still a rare enough bird that many of us have little to no saddle time. The e-Bike, in other words, is still enough of a novelty around here that it gets the staff to step ...    Read more

  3. 2013 Zero Motorcycles Lineup | FIRST LOOK

    WORDS: Kevin Hipp PHOTOS: Zero Electric motorcycle technology has advanced to a point where people are starting to take these motorcycles seriously. Longer battery life, shorter recharge times, more powerful motors, and higher top speeds have all upped the appeal for riders who would have formerly dismissed these bikes. Zero Motorcycles calls ...    Read more