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Readers’ Writes

Entertaining writes from MC readers.

  1. Tasty Chicken Strips from the Alps | Readers Write

    I just thought that I would share a few photos from my most recent ride through the German-Austrian Alps.  I compared my "chicken strips" to the example in the Keith Code - Tread Envy article (see Code Break HERE) and I think I didn't do too bad.  You have ...    Read more

  2. Featured Letter: Flying Tigers Tribute

    Thanks for the article in the June issue of Motorcyclist on Glenn Curtiss (see A Man Of Wings and Wheels). It is a masterful look at a true pioneer and innovator on land and in the air. I have always found small aircraft and motorcycles inexorably linked in the psyche ...    Read more

  3. Antenna Tread | Answers

    Q: I have Bridgestone BT023 tires on my bike. Recently, I discovered something that worries me. I was adjusting the chain when I noticed a thin line around the circumference of the rear tire, right in the middle of the tread. The line was a little bit darker than the ...    Read more

  4. What About Test Rides? | MC Garage

    WORDS:  Jeff Maddox PHOTOS: Trudy Quelch & Marc Cook Reader Joe Ryan writes: ...    Read more

  5. Epic Daddy-Daughter Bonding | Featured Photo

    Rob Bartlett of Lakeville, MN shares a special moment with his daughter Claire while reading the new "Epic Rides" issue of Motorcyclist. Thanks to Carissa Bartlett for posting this photo on Instagram, and to our new IG follower Rob who tagged and shared it with us. ...    Read more

  6. Stand Up Or Sit Down | Featured Letter

    If you have a tech or riding-related question, email it to us at If you’re old school, you can write it on paper and send it via U.S. mail to Motorcyclist Magazine, 15215 Alton Parkway Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618.  I have been involved in an internet forum discussion about ...    Read more

  7. Featured Letter: What Everyone Should Do After Attempting Their First 5K

    I wanted to share my story about what I think everyone should do after attempting to run their first 5K. My daughter was kind enough to help out with the photo. I'm currently on week 5, day 1 of my couch-to-5K program and doing great! I've been struggling with lung ...    Read more

  8. When the CHiPs Are Down (On One Knee!)

    Due to popular feedback on the Me & My Bike: Doug Kamholz feature (Motorcyclist, February 2014) and requests to see more of his California Highway Patrol-inspired 1998 Yamaha dubbed "CHP-R1" in action, we followed up with the retired lawman who provided us with one of his favorite Facebook profile ...    Read more

  9. Owning a Few of the Runner-Ups

    WORDS: Bill Park – Myrtle Beach, SC and Vernon, CT SUBMITTED: July 21st, 2012 The guy beside me on my flight from BDL, Hartford Springfield to ATL, Atlanta Hartsfield International, must have thought I was some emotional wreck. Lucky for me, the wife picked up the mail before we departed from Hartford ...    Read more

  10. Bringing an old GL-1000 back to life…

    WORDS: John McGowan - Sunnyvale, CA SUBMITTED: July 19th, 2012 Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, to find an older classic motorcycle and fix it up!  I’d owned several Honda motorcycles and a Vespa in the Sixties and Seventies, and considered myself a competent basic mechanic, though I made my living in ...    Read more

  11. A Man And His Grandfather

    WORDS: Adrian Jones – Daphne, AL SUBMITTED: June 30th, 2012 When I was 9, a man I knew bought his wife a Honda scooter. They were semi-retired and spent many months touring the U.S. in a Winnebago. His logic was she could use it in the motor parks to run around. Well ...    Read more