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Motorcyclist Magazine staff shares information, updates, photos, and more from the world of motorcycles. Get the latest motorcycle facts, fun stuff, and other happening right from the motorcycle source.

  1. Editor’s Blog: MacGyver Makes Good

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  2. Electronics Done Right

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  3. It’s the Little Things

    I’m a fan of elegant design. So, when I saw the way Honda handled windshield adjustment on the NC700X, I was delighted. It’s a simple system, with four sets of paired holes offset vertically by 20mm. Which set you thread the screen’s four screws into determines the ...    Read more

  4. Ride or Fly?

    Most of the journalists attending Kawasaki’s press launch of the Ninja 300 in Healdsburg, California, came by air, sashaying through the Charles M. Schultz airport in Sonoma and whisked to the event hotel in an air-conditioned minivan. Probably there were refreshments. Kawasaki's press-relations people are good like that. I wasn't among ...    Read more

  5. Riding the Contidrom

    The image above has not been modified in photoshop! Daytona has nothing on the Contidrom. Continental's Jeverson, Germany testing center has a 3 Kilometer oval with mind-bendingly steep 58-degree banked turns. Motorcyclist is in Germany to test Continental's new Street Attack 2 tires, which you'll be able to read about ...    Read more

  6. Reviving a Honda MB5

    Not too long ago I had a habit of keeping a project on the backburner, some ongoing mechanical venture ready to collaborate with a cold Dos Equis to placate my mind after a hectic day at work. Sometime between now and 2008 I strayed from that therapeutic practice. Maybe it’s ...    Read more

  7. Ducks and pigs and chickens call, animal carpet wall to wall

    I’m flying to Marrakesh this morning. The Red City: former imperial capital of Morocco and home to about 1,070,838 storytellers, water sellers, dancers, musicians and just plain folks there at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. I could tell you why, but that would assume I knew myself. The truth ...    Read more

  8. Baby Back Rack Attack

    If you live anywhere near Asheville, North Carolina and have any inclination toward barbeque, 12 Bones Smokehouse is already on speed-dial: 828.253.4499. Even if you’re a few states away, this one is worth burning a few frequent flier miles. There may be better blueberry chipotle baby back ribs somewhere else ...    Read more

  9. Non-dualistic physics and the long high-desert weekend

    It’s 102 degrees in the high desert. The Station Fire has burned it’s way through 148,258 acres and it’s only 42% contained. Various logistical wrinkles are threatening to derail my cover story, I have a Category One sinus headache and summer is officially on the way out. At this stage ...    Read more

  10. The Pocket Rocket Lives

    Awaken a 34-year-old Yamaha RD350 after nearly a decade of suspended animation; I’ve learned a few things. First, some parts are in better shape than I thought they’d be. Others weren’t so good. All things considered, it’s a fairly happy animal. No shriveled crankcase seals or hopelessly gummed-up carbs. Draining ...    Read more

  11. Zero Gravity windscreen

    Motorcyclist goes behind the scenes at Zero Gravity's Camarillo, CA facility. Motorcyclist recently received an invitation to tour Zero Gravity’s headquarters in Camarillo, California. Zero Gravity has been in the windscreen business for over 20 years, and in that time they’ve become the world’s largest and most respected windscreen brand. ...    Read more

  12. Catching up with life and Lyle P.

    Rolled west to Santa Barbara to catch up with my friend Lyle P. Lovett at the Santa Barbara Bowl over the weekend. Nice venue. The $8,000,00 stage roof that went up in 07 is nice. Too posh, but nice. No more worrying about lights falling on some bass player’s head. ...    Read more

  13. Accepting the inevitable

    After 6000 miles on BMW’s 800GS, I’ve come to at least one immutable conclusion. It can be either an astonishingly capable broadband street bike, or a reasonable capable mid-side adventurer, but not both. As delivered, it’s a street bike with dirty aspirations. The potential for more is there, but everything ...    Read more

  14. How I learned to stop worrying and love the TKC80s

    Actual off-road rubber solved one problem on my long-term F800GS and dumped another one squarely in my lap. Retiring the stock Bridgestone Battle Wings in favor of Continental’s more trustworthy TKC80 nearly knobbies. No more loosing the front end in every other corner. No more getting stuck in the loose ...    Read more

  15. Results of the first-ever green GP

    The world’s first zero-emissions road race, the TTXGP, started with a whirr at this year’s Isle of Man TT. “That sounds like a VCR rewinding,” another journalist next to me stated, as the first electric superbike spirited away from the Glencrutchery Road start line and set out on first historic ...    Read more

  16. First TTXGP Qualifying Session on the Books

    The TTXGP electric race bikes took the to Isle of Man’s famed Mountain Course for the first time ever on Wednesday, and we know this much for sure—there will be a race come Friday. Whether or not it will be a close race, however, or a fast race, remains to ...    Read more

  17. Attending the emissions-free TTXGP

    I just finished arranging a very last-minute trip to this year’s Isle of Man TT. A loaner Triumph Daytona 675 has been arranged, flights and ferries have been booked, and I’m pretty sure I landed the last available hotel room anywhere on the Isle (the TT is one event best ...    Read more

  18. Irreconcilable Differences

    I have tasted the Milwaukee Kool-Aid and it is good. I keep a couple of reminders right here on my desk. This ancient Bosch magneto is all that’s left of my Dad’s first Harley. And like the man long gone, it’s still capable of delivering a convincing jolt when provoked. ...    Read more

  19. A 72cc solution for the spiral-fracture blues

    It was a bad break: your basic spiral fracture of the left lateral malleolus – that’s hammer in Latin – otherwise known as the end of the fibula. I know. People have slipped on an icy patch of sidewalk and ended up with worse. But a few weeks after tipping ...    Read more

  20. Sport Riding in the Snow

    ... roads iced over or crusted in salt, and an average temperature hovering around 20.7 degrees FWORDS: Aaron FrankI rode my GSX-R yesterday. In fact, it was the third time that I've ridden it in the past week. Not unusual, you might say, except that I live in Wisconsin and ...    Read more

  21. Aaron Frank – Editor-at-Large – Motorcyclist Magazine

    Motorcyclist magazine would like to welcome and introduce you to the newest edition of our staff, Aaron Frank, Editor-at-Large. Motorcyclist magazine would like to welcome and introduce you to the newest edition of our staff, Aaron Frank, Editor-at-Large. Aaron worked for Motorcyclist magazine from 2001-2002, quickly proving himself as both ...    Read more

  22. Spotlight on a Staffer – Joel Nathanael Smith

    Who are all those other people at the magazine?WORDS: Angie LoyPHOTOS: Joel SmithMotorcyclist readers get to know the editors on an almost personal level by reading their articles, seeing their pictures in the magazine and meeting them in person. Readers are familiar with the names at the top of the ...    Read more