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Find the latest motorcycle gear reviews at Motorcyclist Magazine and read what leading experts say about various bike jackets, boots, helmets, pants, gloves, eyewear, raingear, and more.

  1. Get Sprung | GEAR

    ...    Read more

  2. And Our First Photo Hashtag Challenge Grand Prize Winner Is…

    The winner of our first Photo Hashtag Challenge Grand Prize, chosen between the finalists from the #ineedanewlid and #myfirstbikeMC themes, is Shahin Alvandi of Orlando, FL. Shahin, a finance manager at Seminole Harley-Davidson, joined us on Instagram and caught our attention by sharing a pic that best matched the #ineedanewlid ...    Read more

  3. Dowco Fastrax Xtreme Luggage

    From Dowco, Inc. Designed with form, fit and function, Dowco’s Fastrax Sport Xtreme Luggage offers riders convenient, removable storage for the road.  The new series includes a tank bag, tail bag and backpack. Fastrax Xtreme Series tail and tank bags feature a unique euro-styling, are constructed using a durable vinyl coated polyester ...    Read more

  4. World’s First Production Motorcycle Wirelessly Integrated With Airbag Riding Jackets

    Ducati has recently introduced the Multistrada D-Air, a model that features a fully integrated, intelligent system of sensors wirelessly connected to Ducati Apparel airbag jackets which are made by Dainese. Marking a ‘world’s first’ in the motorcycle industry and combining the innovative designs from two famous Italian ...    Read more

  5. Alpinestars Electronic Airbag Technology

    If you were tuned in to the first MotoGP race at Qatar this past weekend, you might have wondered, how do some of these racers get up and walk away from crashes that leave the bike a total wreck? To help answer that question, Alpinestars provided us with the following ...    Read more

  6. Limited Edition Circuit Of The Americas Bell Helmet

    Circuit of the Americas (COTA) and Bell Helmets have partnered to create a limited quantity of commemorative Texas-themed Star Carbon helmets. For the first time ever, motorsports fans will have the opportunity to own a special edition helmet complete with custom artwork honoring the Lone Star State designed by custom ...    Read more

  7. Macna Proton Heated Gloves From Twisted Throttle

    Riders who continue to ride longer into the cold season know that hands can freeze up fast in an ordinary pair of gloves. Macna has addressed this with the all new Proton Heated Glove. The Proton is constructed with drum-dyed leather that has been specially treated to make it touchscreen compatible ...    Read more

  8. First Look: Shoei Marquez Black Ant RF-1200

    The newest colorway in the Shoei helmet line is the Marquez Black Ant. You might recall Marquez wearing this graphic on an X-Twelve model during his 2012 winter testing with HRC Honda just prior to his championship season. For 2014, Shoei has released the signature design on the RF-1200, a ...    Read more

  9. Speedmaster Jacket by Joe Rocket

    Take one of Joe Rocket’s proven leather race suits and cut it in half. That, according to Joe Rocket, is pretty much all their design team had to do when they began to create the latest generation Speedmaster jacket which, like their one-piece Speedmaster 6.0 suit, is built for performance ...    Read more

  10. Dainese Free Back Protector Offer Extended

    Whether you’re riding in heavy traffic, or dragging pegs through the canyons, it’s good to know someone has your back. In this case it’s Dainese, which is offering a free back protector to buyers of any Dainese D-Dry and Gore-Tex jacket through November 17, 2013. Buy your jacket through a participating ...    Read more

  11. Vega F117 Stealth Helmet

    If you want to go from A to B quickly without attracting attention you can’t do much better than an F117 stealth fighter. The new F117 Stealth helmet from Vega has the A-to-B-quickly part down, but as far as not attracting attention goes, it’s a bust, thanks to its European ...    Read more

  12. Schuberth Offers New Helmet Accessories

    When you ride a lot, your helmet starts to feel like a small apartment where your head lives. Now you can add some cool new furniture to your C3 Pro, C3 Pro Women, S2 full-face, and C3/C3W Schuberth helmets. Based on requests from customers, Schuberth is adding these accessories to ...    Read more

  13. Seen in the Wild: Aerostich’s Pop-Up Store

    Aerostich founder Andy Goldfine stepped out to the curb at 655 Bryant Street in San Francisco and surveyed the lineup of two dozen motorcycles parked at the curb. I doubt he was thinking, “We’re not in Duluth anymore,” but he seemed satisfied at the turnout for only the first hour ...    Read more

  14. Forcefield and Barbour Team Up

    The British clothing manufacturer Barbour has announced the launch of the Barbour International Authentic Motorcycle Collection, marking a welcome return to motorcycling. With this new collection, you will find that modern features have been fused with the same classic styling that has made the brand iconic. As ...    Read more

  15. Schuberth C3 Pro and C3 Women Modular Helmets Introduced

    Schuberth prides itself in producing high-quality products and continuous product development. The latest examples are the Schuberth C3 Pro and C3 Women modular helmets. Starting from the popular C3 design, the updated flip-up helmets feature several significant upgrades. • Revised shell. According to Schuberth, a new rear spoiler adds as much ...    Read more

  16. Bell Rogue Helmet Comes With A Muzzle

    If there's one thing you can say for sure about Bell's new Rogue helmet, it's that nobody's going to be on the fence about how it looks. The love-it-or-don't-believe-it design features what is undoubtedly motorcycling's first muzzle, which is adjustable and (fortunately) removable. The lightweight composite shell's design combines the ...    Read more

  17. Dainese Made To Measure

    I am lucky enough to have a few custom-made racing suits, and though each fits better then any off-the-rack piece I’ve worn, none is exactly perfect. The forearms of my one-off Alpinestars suit are an inch too long, binding against my hands in tight corners, while the forearms on my ...    Read more

  18. Aerostich Roadcrafter New Women’s Sizes

    Aerostich press release: Four new women's sizes (in addition to the 28 standard sizes) make a better fitting Roadcrafter for even more riders. This is the original, classic design for everyday, any-distance commuting and touring, now available with precise curves everywhere they're needed. And sleeve lengths, shoulder widths and a thousand ...    Read more

  19. Forcefield Pro L2K Back Protector

    Retail Price: $149.00 The award winning and best-selling Forcefield Pro L2 back protector has Evolved into the all new Pro L2K (Kevlar®) and is now constructed using Kevlar® thread for increased strength and durability. Kevlar® has 5 times the tensile strength of steel along with high cut ...    Read more

  20. Vemar Eclipse Carbon Helmet

    Retail Price: $625.00 Colors: Carbon Fiber Sizes: Small through 2X-Large • Detail improvements grace the 2012 Eclipse helmet. From an improved visor gasket for better sealing to enhanced venting for more cooling air flow to its all new shield mechanism the Vemar Eclipse is truly a top ...    Read more

  21. Impact Protection | Gear

    WORDS: Ari Henning PHOTOS: Joe Neric Motorcyclists tend to focus on abrasion protection more than anything else when assessing riding apparel. It’s no wonder—conjure up a mental image of a crash and you probably envision a lengthy slide. But what about that initial fall, or subsequent collision with a hard or immovable ...    Read more

  22. Refresh Your Ride | Gear

    WORDS: Ari Henning PHOTOS: Joe Neric Miles mean wear. After years of use, your motorcycle probably doesn’t look as good as it once did. In this month’s Gear, we look at products that will help refresh your ride and make it look, feel and function like a newer machine. You might get ...    Read more



  24. Alpinestars Fall 2012 Apparel Iintroduction

    PHOTOS: Alpinestars Torrance, CA, August 14, 2012 Alpinestars introduced its Fall 2012 apparel lineup to the media during a short presentation at the American headquarters in Torrance, CA. The Italian company revealed more than a dozen all-new or updated items including race suits, leather and textile jackets, of gloves and a few ...    Read more

  25. Tool Time | Gear

    PHOTOS: Joe Neric As a rule, we motorcyclists like to wrench on our bikes. Whether you set-up shop under a shadetree or you’ve got a four-car garage, there’s bound to be something in this Gear spread that you’ll need for your next project. 1 Healtech OBD Tool The sophisticated electronics systems on today’s ...    Read more

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