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The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

A Day Amongst the Finer Things in Life.



A great venue for this superb show.

by Reg Kittrelle

To say that “The Quail Motorcycle Gathering” features nice bikes is akin to noticing that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel features nice paintings. While both statements are true, they only just begin to tell the story. I’ll leave Michelangelo’s Sistine efforts to the review of others, but I can tell you a bit about “The Gathering” held on May 4th.

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 1666 300x225 photo

The award-winning “Skat-Kitty.”

This was the fifth year that this superb display of motorcycles has been assembled at Carmel’s Quail Lodge & Golf Club. Located amidst the beauty of California’s central coast, just south of Monterey, the venue is perfect for showing off the best that the motorcycle restoration and custom-build worlds have to offer.

That may read like a gushing press release, but there’s no hyperbole at work here. This is truly a great motorcycle event that brings together an eclectic mix seldom found elsewhere. Think not?  Then, tell me where else you’ll find a 1953 Skat Kitty vying for a trophy along side the spectacular Tavax 2011V, a flawless 1979 Honda 750, and the only remaining 1991 Yamaha YZR 500 V4 Grand Prix motorcycle? And this was just a few of the dozens of fascinating motorcycles that populated the well-manicured lawn of the Quail.

Regardless of your two-wheeled interest, you could have found it at the Gathering. There were motorcycles with more pedigree than an AKA show, artful customs, superb restorations, weird designs, one-offs, and several entries that made you smile, either from their nostalgic impact or their cuteness.

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 083 300x225 photo

Hiding beneath the aluminum skin of Randall Grubb’s “Decoson” is a 1984 H-D Sportster.

In that last category artist Randall Grubb garnered a majority of attention with his whimsical, beautifully crafted aluminum creations that, while they might stretch the definition of “motorcycle” (doors?), were certainly popular.

The event oozes history, with every entrant backed up by a story. A 1919 Harley-Davidson Model J with sidecar was, according to owner Mark Mitchell, ridden by actor Keith Carradine in the 1971 movie, Hex. Were you to stop to hear the story behind each bike it would takes weeks to get through this one-day show.

In addition to the motorcycles, the Quail Motorcycle Gathering never fails to attract any number of racing heroes and legends. This was certainly true this year as the event honored three-time 500c Grand Prix Champion Wayne Rainey, who was on hand. Additionally, Kenny Roberts, Mert Lawwwill, Jim Rice, Don Castro, Craig Vetter, and Ray Abrams were all signing autographs, and talking with anyone and everyone.

There were 27 award categories, plus a “Best of Show.” These bikes had to be tough to judge as the entrant quality was universally excellent; you don’t bring your “B” game to an event like this. Several of the classes could be judged upon period correctness, e.g., did the bike have all the proper bits and pieces, but subjectivity is a significant factor in other classes, such as with the competition and custom motorcycles. The crowd seemed to approve of all the selections. The only one that was a bit puzzling to some, at first, was the “Best of Show” award that went to Wayne Rainey’s Grand Prix motorcycle mentioned above. In accepting the award Rainey told how, at the end of each year, Yamaha destroyed the GP motorcycles, but kept a single one for their archives. This is not an uncommon practice with competition machines (two- and four-wheeled) as the companies want to keep the highly sophisticated technology secrets from escaping to the competition.

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 1687 1024x768 photo

Wayne Rainey (r.) and his “Best of Show” Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix championship motorcycle.

In recognition of Rainey’s three World Championships (1990, 1991, 1992), and his dedication to Yamaha, on and off the racetrack, the company gave him his championship-winning motorcycle. With this provenance, and the fact that it is the only one of its kind, the “Best of Show” award was most appropriate.

One of the crowd favorites was the Tavax 2011V. Chosen as the winner of the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, this creation by Ken Tabata took four years to build around a 93c.i. motor from S&S. Despite the abundance of polished aluminum, there is something very organic about this motorcycle. Hearing that he took his design inspiration from the cheetah gives you a better understanding and appreciation for its look. Photographs do not do justice to this creation. You need to stand next to it. I don’t want to get too touchy-feely here, but you can almost convince yourself that it’s alive.

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 105 1024x570 photo

Ken Tabata’s stunning Tavax 2011V

In addition to a feast of motorcycles, the Gathering always serves up a gourmet lunch as part of your ticket price. “Spice-rubbed wood grilled chicken with a bourbon molasses glaze” was one of two entrees, supported by bacon cornbread, salads, fruits, and dessert. At $65 a ticket, this is a pricey event, but it is worth every penny. As the event itself states, it is the “perfect opportunity to spend a day amongst the finer things in life.”

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2013 Award Winners

Antique 2nd Place
1904 FN Four
The Margie & Robert E. Petersen Collection – California

Antique 1st Place
1936 Brough Superior SS80 with Watsonian Side Car
Stewart and Renee Garrison – Texas

Japanese 2nd Place
1973 Honda CB350F
Leo Sowers – California

Japanese 1st Place
1975 Honda GL1000 Goldwing
Mike Kuykendall – Arizona

Competition 2nd Place
1981 Suzuki RG500 Mark VI
Philip Koenen – California

Competition 1st Place
1957 Matchless 500cc Flattrack
Michael Taggart – California

European 2nd Place
Capriolo (Caproni Trento) 75cc Corsa
Guy Webster – California

European 1st Place
1952 Norton International Model 30
Robert Ives – California

American 1st Place
1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead EL
Craig Horner – California

Off Road 2nd Place
1974 Ossa 125 Phantom
Blair & Kathy Beck – California

Off Road 1st Place
1967 BSA Wasp
Gary Edwards – Oregon

Custom/Modified 2nd Place
2012 Decopod by Randy Grubb, “Bipod”
Jim & Debbie Christian – California

Custom/Modified 1st Place
2010 Tavax 2011V
Ken Tabata – Japan

Superbikes 2nd Place
1981 Ducati 500 SL Pantah
Carmen Lynaugh & Jeff Hecox – California

Superbikes 1st Place
1970 Honda CB750 K0
Don Stockett – California

FIVA Preservation
1919 Harley-Davidson J Model with Sidecar
Mark Mitchell – California

Cycle World Award
1967 Triton
Jonnie Green – California

Champions Moto Significance in Racing
1967 Harley-Davidson KR750TT
Fred Mork – California

Ducati – La Piu Bella
1999 Ducati Monster
Jimmy Kilroy – California

Ducati – Passione Rossa
2012 Ducati M1100 Evo
Syl Salenius – California

1962 Skat Kitty
Randall Smalley – Arizona

Industry Award
1977 Honda CB550 Custom
Michael LaFountain/Raccia Motorcycles – California

Innovation Award
2013 Decopod by Randy Grubb, “Tripod”
David Johnston – California

Competition Sport Award
1957 BSA Gold Star Flattrack
Larry Madrigal – California

Design and Style Award
1956 Ariel Square 4 with Watsonian Side Car
Stewart and Renee Garrison – Texas

Spirit of The Quail Award
1951 Vincent Black Shadow Series C
Bruce Canepa – California

Best of Show
1991 Yamaha YZR 500 v4 500cc
Wayne Rainey – California

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  1. albert camper
    Posted on: May 10, 2013 6:10 pm

    which motorcycle today is closest to honda’s pacific coast made in the late nineties…

  2. Lee Block
    Posted on: May 9, 2013 7:27 pm

    The Quail is a must see if your a motorcycle enthusiast. As Reg points out, $65 ticket is well worth the price. The bikes are simply amazing, the venue world class, the food (pretty much all you can eat if you want to be a pig) fantastic, and the mix of people and bikes ridden to the event make it a fantastic day. Nice write up Reg.

  3. Bruce
    Posted on: May 8, 2013 1:25 pm

    Excellent write up Reg !!
    It’s on my Bucket List… soon as I plug a few leaks in the bucket ;-)

  4. Jeff Giese
    Posted on: May 8, 2013 10:51 am

    Very nice article about a great event. Really nice photos too. Sorry I missed this one, I made it to the first three. I’ll definitely have to go next year. Thank you., Jeff Giese