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Tour Taiwan with Peter Starr and the Grand Riders

American filmmaker is seeking participants for his September 2013 tour



This just in from our friend and frequent contributor Peter Starr:

In 2011, I travelled to Taiwan to ride with the legendary Grand Riders—the group of mostly-octogenarian motorcyclists celebrated in TC Bank’s “Dream Rangers” commercial that became a viral YouTube sensation (viewed almost 5 million times!). The story that I wrote for the April 2012 issue of Motorcyclist (“Taiwan’s Grand Riders”) led to my return later that year, this time with a group of 10 Americans who came along to share in and contribute to this very unique cultural exchange between international motorcyclists. Click on the YouTube video below to see a short recap of our 2012 experience.

I plan to return to Taiwan again in September 2013 for an even bigger event and a longer ride, this time in conjunction with “BIKERTOPIA,” part of the Harley-Davidson Owner’s Group’s (HOG) international celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary. I’m calling this event “The Dream Never Gets Old.”

I am looking for 20 more riders who are at least 62 years old to join me on this next trip. We will ride the latest Harley Davidson motorcycles, stay in the best hotels, and enjoy some terrific riding all while participating in a cultural experience with the original Grand Riders, something that Wendy Epstein, one of the 2012 riders, described as “a life-changing experience.” (Wendy is coming back in 2013.)

Our ride through the twisty, scenic roads of Taiwan will be guided by riders from Taipei’s CRC Club, and 11 of the original Grand Riders, aged 78 to 96, will ride with us for two of the days, as we help them celebrate their annual event.

Taiwan is a small island country full of big surprises. Join us, and stretch your imagination, and enjoy some amazing riding while exploring a unique culture with some new friends. Five of the ten riders from 2012 have already signed up, and an additional five have reserved places, meaning we are already 50-percent sold out. If you are “of age” and think you will like to join us from September 25th to October 7th, send an email to and I will send you a brochure and follow up with a phone call. And look out for my article about The Grand Riders 2012 event in the October 2013 issue of Motorcyclist.


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