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Why We Ride PAGODA Show 2014

Celebrate motorcycling With Motorcyclist, Cycle World and Sport Rider, and SHOW YOUR BIKE at the famous Indianapolis Pagoda Plaza


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The makers of Why We Ride have joined forces with Motorcyclist, Cycle World and Sport Rider magazines to create a very special weekend for GP race fans! In partnership with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 200 lucky fans have the opportunity to show their motorcycles in the world-famous Indy Pagoda in Pagoda Plaza. This is an exclusive offer for 200 fans to park and show their motorcycle at the center of Pagoda Plaza.

Go to for tickets!


  • $25 per motorcycle (this is NOT a MotoGP entry ticket)
  • Premium parking inside the plaza in front of the Indy Pagoda for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the GP weekend
  • Participant goodie bag
  • Pic and post a shot of your bike in the shadow of the Indy Pagoda
  • #RedBullIndyGP #WhyWeRide #Motorcyclist #CycleWorld #SportRider #PagodaShow
  • Entry into The Pagoda Show in one of the following classes:
    • 1949 and older
    • The 50’s (1950-1959)IMG 0964 mc 300x209 photo
    • The 60’s (you get the idea)
    • The 70’s
    • The 80’s
    • The 90’s
    • The 00’s
    • The 10’s
  • Editors from MOTORCYCLIST, Cycle World and Sport Rider will select the motorcycles they feel best exemplify each of the classes as well as an overall Best of Show
  • This is limited to 200 fans, and the tickets are available only until August 1st


Once you have pre-purchased your Pagoda Show parking pass, you have three chances to check in. CHECK-IN AVAILABLE THURSDAY EVENING, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY ONLY!

Thursday, August 7

Join Why We Ride, MOTORCYCLIST, Cycle World and Sport Rider at the Moon Dog Tavern for food, refreshment, and moto-fellowship. This bike night is open to all fans with your chance to meet the creators of Why We Ride and some of the staff from MOTORCYCLIST, Cycle World and Sport Rider. You will have an opportunity to check in for the Why We Ride Pagoda Show and receive your parking pass and motorcycle ID tag that will be used for judging identification. You’ll also receive your goodie bag!

Friday & Saturday, August 8-9

Check-in from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the check-in table located just outside of the Pagoda Plaza on 6th Street inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Enjoy your VIP parking in the Pagoda Plaza. Take an amazing photo of your motorcycle with the Pagoda in the background at our special photo location.

Sunday, August 10

Follow Speedway staff instruction for parking at the Pagoda. Have your motorcycles parked by 10 a.m. to allow time for final judging. Be at the plaza at 1 p.m. for award ceremony.

(MOTORCYCLIST, Cycle World and Sport Rider are part of the Bonnier Motorcycle Group of media brands.)

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